PRESTATYN RAMBLING CLUB


1.       Members to co-operate with the procedure of head counts.

2.       Any person leaving the party at any time should make sure that the back marker, or some other responsible person, is informed.

3.       No one should walk ahead of the leader.

4.       Members should endeavour to keep the pace set by the leader but if the party should become too spread out the leader should be asked to stop to reform the party. Make sure you choose the right category of walk for your level of fitness.

5.       When walking on roads or lanes where traffic may be passing members should observe the rules set out in the Highway Code.

6.       When walking across a ploughed field, or one which had been put to crops, members should walk in single file.

7.       Experienced walkers are asked to set a good example to new and inexperienced members with regard to club walking.

8.       If any person becomes separated from the party, they should stay at the point where they were last in contact with the party and remain there until the party makes contact.

9.       All members should carry a whistle and torch to comply with 8 above. It is also advisable to carry our own first aid kit to meet your own personal needs.


1.       Leaders should come to Prestatyn Car Park to direst people to the start of the walk.

2.       When planning a club walk allow time for a second “reccy” if needed as walks do not always fall into place the first time.

3.       Do have a head count at the start of the walk which should be repeated at any time the party has been split up. Ask another member to stay at the rear of the party to ensure that on one is let behind during a walk.

4.       The leader chooses the route, sets the pace, and decides when and where to stop for a rest or refreshment.

The pace should be set to accommodate the slowest member of the party.

5.       Do not let the party become too strung out. Stop occasionally to let the party reform. Always stop at a serious obstacle to reform the party and give assistance.

6.       Never let the party get ahead of you. If you do lose someone stop the party and organise a search.

7.       Follow the recognised paths and do not damage farm property, i.e. do not go over walls etc.

8.       Ask your party to walk in single file across a field which has been ploughed or put down to crops. Also, do not walk in too wide a group across pasture land.

9.       Emphasise the importance of observing the code for walking on country roads, i.e. walking in single file and facing oncoming traffic where appropriated.

10.   Club first aid kits should be carried by the leaders and thereafter the kit should be handed over to the subsequent leader on the programme.

11.   For the purposes of our insurance cover the leader should make a report to the Treasurer of any incident which occurs in relation to damage to third party property. Under no circumstances should liability be admitted at the time as this could invalidate our insurance.

12.   Leaders should also make a report to the Treasurer if any accident is sustained by any members during the walk.

Also, in Mountainous Country – Category 1 Walks

1.       Leaders should carry the Club group shelter, together with first aid kit, torch and whistle.

2.       Only take recommended not to have more than 10 members in your party. If you wish to take more appoint an assistant leader.

3.       Ensure that adequate food and drink is being carried by members.

4.       Ensure that someone not on the walk is aware of the route and estimated time the party should be back.

5.       Ensure all the party understand the procedure to adopt in case of accident and also recognise mountain rescue signals, i.e. six torch flashes, whistle blasts or shouts followed by a pause of one minute then repeat. SOS comprises three short signals followed by three longer signals then three short signals followed by an interval of one minute.