Health & Safety


The activity of rambling & hill walking in the U.K. and abroad should be considered a pleasurable experience providing health and social benefits.

Prestatyn Rambling Club offers the opportunity for similar minded individuals to share the experience of walking in the countryside, coastline, hills and mountains of the U.K. and abroad though group walks organised for and on behalf of the members and their guests.

Those individuals who apply to join the organisation, or walk with us do so accepting that responsibility for fitness and well being rests with themselves.

We all have different capabilities and it is recognised that not everyone will be fit enough to take part in the full range of activities on offer.

Decisions about which activities are undertaken rests with the individual concerned and any advice given regarding the nature or severity of activities is given purely on the understanding that it implies no guarantee.

Hill walking by its nature should always be considered to involve a degree of risk. The type of terrain, weather conditions, individual experience, conditions underfoot and the overall Fitness and health of the individual will change the degree of risk on each occasion. Realism would dictate that any attempt to risk assess the activity would be open to so many variations as to make the process worthless. What may be perfectly acceptable on day may not be on the next for a variety of reasons. Whilst “reccies” are always carried out, the Organisation will not undertake specific risk assessments for each activity.

Our Safety Statement is that individuals will be responsible for deciding whether they are fit enough and have sufficient experience to take part in each activity. Once and activity is underway all members of the group have the right to contribute to discussions regarding conditions and suitability of the route for the prevailing conditions.

If any member of a group expresses concern about their own safety they will be supported in such a way that the concerns are addressed and their safety is given priority.